Monolith Pipeskirt / Solid Surface

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  • Solid surface paneling with stainless steel brackets
  • Available in additional solid surface finishes
  • Angled or straight model compatible with all TSL Monolith series
  • Optional side skirts create a seamless look from all angles where basin area is not walled in
  • Refer to datasheet for correct number of panels per basin

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    It’s what’s underneath that counts

    Pipeksirts conceal under-basin elements, reducing the need for complex access panels or unsightly pipe insulators. While optional for the Monolith system, a precisely fit pipeskirt is available for the full range of sink options, as well as bespoke Monolith designs. Straight and angled style pipeskirts are ideally proportioned to accommodate the under-basin elements of all TSL fixture collections, like the motor and soap reservoir for The Ribbon and Channel.


    Datasheet - Angled Pipeskirt / M Series Basins


    Datasheet - Angled Pipeskirt / L Series Basins


    Datasheet - Straight Pipeskirt / M Series Basins


    Datasheet - Straight Pipeskirt / L Series Basins


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