An inclusive, disability-friendly public restroom with green and gold tiles, a toilet, a sink and rails

DDA Compliant Washrooms: Where Inclusivity Meets Design

In the world of washroom design, where spaces are universally used, ensuring accessibility for all is paramount. At The Splash Lab, our commitment to creating inclusive and accessible washroom designs is deeply rooted in our adherence to the principles of DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) compliant architecture. In this blog, we discuss our approach to washroom […]
TSL wall mounted Radius faucet display

Specifying The Next Generation Of Restrooms With Wall-Mounted Fixtures

In the ever-evolving world of restroom design, it’s essential to stay ahead of the curve, embracing innovations that not only enhance aesthetics but also ensure functionality. One such innovation that’s been drawing attention is the concept of wall-mounted fixtures. While this design shift might seem like a purely stylistic choice, it’s rooted in a blend […]
The Splash Lab Wall mount sensor soap dispenser

Global Design & Architecture Insights Details Make A World Of Difference

At The Splash Lab we believe in the limitless potential of inspired design both in terms of creative possibilities and its overall impact on people in our communities. That’s why we partner with architects and designers from across the globe to reimagine a space most of us take for granted. We collaborate with industry leaders […]
Superloo L-shaped design

The Splash Lab’s Guide To Superloos

What is a Superloo? The general concept of the Superloo has always been to maximise usable washroom space while making it easier for designers and architects to specify the right products when working under tight space restrictions. Superloos accomplish this by including all necessary washroom fixtures like the toilet, sink, tap, soap dispenser and hand […]

Quartz or Solid Surface?

Choosing between quartz and solid surface can be quite the design challenge, especially when it comes to specifying sinks for commercial restrooms. They are similar in many aspects, but they differ greatly in the sink models they best suit. Read on to learn which material is the right choice for your next restroom project as […]
The Splash Lab LM Sink 1c

Helping Architects Specify Sinks

Architects are faced with a litany of choices and challenges when creating restrooms, many of which extend beyond the element of design. Every component must be considered to create spaces that are functional, intuitive and stylish. But of all the components comprising a restroom, correctly specifying the proper sinks can be the most difficult. Read […]
TSL Airports & Architects

Airports & Architects

The Splash Lab has been privileged to partner with architects on many airport projects across the world. From the bathrooms at Newark Liberty International Airport, Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, Galaxy FBO at Houston Hobby, London Heathrow Airport and other collaborations, this unique sector is one we know best. Our design-led style and user-focused fixtures help […]

Clerkenwell Design Week 2023 Highlights

Clerkenwell Design Week 2023 was the most impressive design show of the year so far. Hundreds of showrooms, thousands of products and even more people participated in the design-led takeover of East Central London from 23 – 25 May, and The Splash Lab was thrilled to experience it all. Our showroom stood alongside some of […]

The Evolution Of The Radius Faucet

Evolution is a process The Splash Lab prides itself on boundary-pushing innovation. We work hard to develop products that transform the bathroom experience for the better, and it’s not an easy process. It takes determination, creativity and ingenuity – but most of all, it takes time. Every product iteration builds off the last to bring […]
TSL Clerkenwell Design Week

Visit Us At Clerkenwell Design Week

Your guide to Clerkenwell Design Week 2023 The Splash Lab is excited to announce that we will be taking part in the UK’s leading design festival this May during Clerkenwell Design Week 2023. From 23 May – 25 May, Clerkenwell Design Week will overtake East Central London with hundreds of showrooms, exhibitors, installations, events, discussions […]

The World’s Most Refined Floating Sink

Inspired by our past, refined for the future The next generation of bathrooms is here with The Splash Lab’s inspired basin system. It combines cutting-edge engineering with a beautiful contemporary form to reimagine bathroom aesthetics in a way many thought impossible. Innovative, new and totally unique, our design is the first of its kind. Read […]
Design Materials Processes

The Practical Magic of PVD

When we speak with a new architectural practice, the difficulty of specifying high quality restroom fixtures and accessories in a coordinated finish is a consistent pain point. Finding one that also works with today’s clean aesthetic – like matte black – renders that search near impossible. But The Splash Lab product line was built with […]

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