All things considered.

Welcome to The Splash Lab. We design and produce commercial washroom products and modular bathroom systems that are so remarkable and beautiful they shouldn’t be hidden away. So if you want to make an extraordinary first impression, you should start with us.


Our products empower visionary designers to create breathtaking bathroom architecture. We work with our clients to anticipate the needs of any project and craft the perfect solution.


Our collections offer complementary, modular options which are in turn modular within the larger product range. Nothing is presented without a system in which it can function optimally.


We strive for a sustainability beyond resource-consciousness and manufacture products whose purpose and function reach beyond trends to true longevity.

The Monolith

Specified in modules, made in one piece.

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The Ribbon

Engineered for performance. Designed to look amazing.

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The Splash Lab LM Sink 1c

Helping Architects Specify Sinks

Architects are faced with a litany of choices and challenges when creating restrooms, many of which extend beyond the element of design. Every component must be considered to create spaces that are functional, intuitive and stylish. But of all the components comprising a restroom, correctly specifying the proper sinks can be the most difficult. Read […]

The World’s Most Refined Floating Sink

Inspired by our past, refined for the future The next generation of bathrooms is here with The Splash Lab’s inspired basin system. It combines cutting-edge engineering with a beautiful contemporary form to reimagine bathroom aesthetics in a way many thought impossible. Innovative, new and totally unique, our design is the first of its kind. Read […]

Specifying The Next Generation Of Restrooms With Wall-Mounted Fixtures

In the ever-evolving world of restroom design, it’s essential to stay ahead of the curve, embracing innovations that not only enhance aesthetics but also ensure functionality. One such innovation that’s been drawing attention is the concept of wall-mounted fixtures. While this design shift might seem like a purely stylistic choice, it’s rooted in a blend […]

It’s in our DNA to find more efficient ways

All things considered

Details shape the user experience. All of our products are designed and developed with the highest standard of automation technology, cross-pollinated with the finest craftsmanship.

This is a material world

We use rich raw materials to create products that harness the durability and beauty of nature. At the same time, we also utilise manmade materials like HI-MACS® and Corian®, to offer options of texture and value.

People are the priority

An international team of designers, manufacturers, inventors and thought leaders. Our design philosophy, transparent communications, and workplace culture combine to empower innovative creativity.


Sophisticated aesthetics but equally quick and easy to install. We put as much thought into the things you can't see, as the things you do.

The Splash Lab has well crafted and beautifully designed products. I always go to them first to create a holistically designed restroom.
Brent Otsuka Manager of Interior Design • Fentress Architects

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