Behind the Mirror Hand Dryer

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    Installation manual


    Technical Data

    Power consumption


    Drying time

    <15 seconds



    Stainless steel grade

    AISI 304

    Noise levels

    Min 69dB to 76.6dB Max @ 1 metre

    Air speed


    Heating element

    450W adjustable

    Motor type

    Brush type; dual ball-bearings

    Motor power

    350W – 500W

    Motor speed

    16,000 – 29,000 RPM variable speed

    Air flow

    74 cu.m/h

    Sensor range

    100 – 230mm variable; standard set at 170mm


    Class 1

    IP rating



    Washroom layout

    Number of hand dryers to be  tted – for toilet areas with normal frequency; one dryer
    per two washbasins. In high-frequency use toilet areas; two dryers per 3 basins. In
    very high frequency use washrooms, one dryer per basin. Mounting template included
    with dryer.
    Ideal location – between washbasin and exit. If mounted over a washbasin,
    recommended minimum distance from dryer to basin should be 300mm.
    Dryer can be installed behind a mirror or cabinet, but must be accessible for
    maintenance. In this application, the dryer must be mounted with the base  ush with
    the base of the mirror or cabinet so that the sensor is not obstructed.
    Recommended mounting substrate is a solid wall. If dryer is installed on a stud /
    plasterboard wall, sound levels are likely to exceed 78dB.

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