The Ribbon Hand Dryer

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  • Intuitive hand-drying experience
  • Award-winning design
  • 15 second high-speed drying time
  • Quiet and efficient

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    When you need to add the ‘Wow factor’ to hand drying.

    The Conran designed Ribbon Hand Dryer 2.0 can be specified as an individual product or as part of the Ribbon Collection trio. Developed to provide an intuitive hand-drying experience at the sink, the award-winning Ribbon Hand Dryer is a touch-free deck-mounted system that provides a breathtaking user experience, while having the practical benefit of minimising hand-washing drips to floors and counters.

    Quiet, fast, efficient and convention breaking.

    With a high-speed drying time of 15 seconds and an air-flow rate of 112 metres per second, our acoustically insulated sensor hand dryer is quiet, fast and efficient. It even features a variable-speed motor set by the client or installer, to create the perfect user-experience.

    The Ribbon Hand Dryer is currently installed in public and commercial restrooms around the world, including Heathrow and Newark airports, offices and showrooms in Chicago and Riga and shopping malls in Sweden and Finland.

    With its powerful blower unit and reliable motor, the Ribbon Hand Dryer can be specified for all levels of restroom footfall, from small restaurants to high-footfall washrooms. On top of all these great features, it’s also simple to install with a 5 year warranty (1 year parts and labour; 4 years parts only).

    Reasons to choose

    Design heritage
    Each Ribbon product was designed by London design studio Sebastian Conran Associates. The touch-free Hand Dryer utilises a unique deck-mounted design that is slender, stylish and intuitive.

    Solid stainless steel
    The Hand Dryer is cast in pure AISI 304 solid stainless steel to ensure maximum strength, durability and beauty.

    UL & CE Marked
    Each Hand Dryer is certified UL by Underwriters Laboratories and meets the CE Conformité Européenne health, safety and environmental standards.

    Concealed motor unit
    The motor is separated from the head of the Hand Dryer and can be mounted underneath the deck or in the wall void, allowing users to dry their hands at the sink with no visible motor.

    Easy installation
    The Hand Dryer can be installed in four easy steps.

    Award winning
    Winner of the Good Design award by Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design.

    High speed
    With an air speed of 112 meters per second, the Hand Dryer has a high-speed drying time of just 15 seconds.

    Inspired by the rich heritage of British engineering, design and craftsmanship.

    The Ribbon Collection was conceived as a trio of products that could increase user flow in the washroom while reducing paper-towel wastage.

    Inspired by the rich heritage of British engineering, design and craftsmanship, The Splash Lab approached Sebastian Conran Associates to collaborate on the project, which resulted in the convention-breaking Ribbon Collection.

    Slender and streamlined with a unique deck-mounted aesthetic, the touch-free Ribbon Hand Dryer challenges restroom norms by allowing users to dry their hands at the sink. Cast in high-quality solid stainless steel and updated with a powerful new motor, the Ribbon Hand Dryer 2.0 is as beautiful as it is robust.

    Giving you the tools you need to create a consistent washroom design look

    At The Splash Lab, we design and manufacture our own commercial washroom products that work together to create a consistent design language for you.

    We help you achieve consistency in your restroom designs, through complementary product forms. but also via our signature brushed stainless steel and curated palette of rich, coloured PVD finishes.

    Our attention to detail, quality assurance and high level of craftsmanship results in simple design solutions that make public and commercial washroom environments better and more beautiful.

    What you receive

    Inside your Ribbon Hand Dryer 2.0 box is:

    A:  Dryer head assembly

    B:  Hand dryer motor unit

    C:  Power cable

    D:  Washer

    E:  Gasket

    F:  Anti-rotation collar

    G:  Fixing nut

    H:  Motor mounting screws

    I:  Hex wrench

    J:  Air hose




    2D CAD


    3D CAD


    Technical Data


    220 - 240V ac; 50Hz


    3.8 - 4.2A

    Power consumption

    0.84 - 1.0kW

    Standby power

    0.3 - 0.4W

    Drying time

    <15 seconds




    AISI 304 stainless steel

    Noise levels


    Heating element


    Motor type

    Brush type; dual ball bearings

    Motor power

    500 - 350W

    Air speed

    112 m/s

    Air flow


    Sensor range

    130mm +/- 20mm

    Security cut-off time

    30 seconds

    Motor thermal protection

    Auto resetting thermostat set at 95°C

    Heater thermal protection

    Auto resetting thermostat set at 85°C Thermal cutout fuse set to 142°C


    Class 1

    IP rating



    CE, UL, RoHS


    1 year parts and labour; additional 4 years parts only
    (Motor brushes excluded as these are a wearing part, and dependent on usage)

    Technical drawings

    The Splash Lab go above and beyond to make sure the end product is exactly as designed and functioning as intended.
    PGAL International Design Firm

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    The Ribbon Hand Dryer


    Welcome to the support page for TSL.R031 Ribbon Hand Dryer. On this page you’ll find video guides to repairs, common fixes, and general repairs. Plus there is a list of FAQs you may find helpful. If none of this answers your question. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


    What is the current lead time on your products?

    The average lead time on all our products is currently 6 to 8 weeks.

    Do you offer an installation service?

    Yes, we can offer an installation service to suit your needs. Please contact technical@thesplashlab.com with details of your requirements and we will be happy to assist.

    Where can I obtain spare parts?

    Any spare parts related to your product can be found above. If you would like to see our full range of spare parts please click here.

    The Splash Lab go above and beyond to make sure the end product is exactly as designed and functioning as intended.
    PGAL International Design Firm

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