TSL Heritage

Contract, not conformist

The contract restroom

Highly specific briefs with many competing needs, contract restrooms must offer a neutral aesthetic while considering operating costs, ease of maintenance, hygiene, and sustainability.  The TSL Heritage line set itself apart with considered design and durable stainless steel fabrication, while still taking a progressive, holistic view towards the space itself.

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Tried, trusted, and true

TSL Heritage represents the best-selling fixtures from our Lovair line, installed worldwide. As we challenge norms and push boundaries in designing the restroom of the future, The Splash Lab stands by the products that got us here.

Stainless Steel

Heritage fixtures are fabricated in brushed stainless steel with minimal joining points. They offer durability and minimalist design that is neutral but never boring.

Contract, not conformist

The TSL Heritage series is a line of design-led restroom fixtures for commercial projects. With a focus on efficiency, technology, and durable craftsmanship, this collection elevates the expectations for contract fixtures with sleek minimalism.

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Compatibility and function

Faucets come with a standard water flow of 0.5 GPM (gallons per minute) but can be specified with 0.35 or 1 GPM. This flexibility allows restrooms to meet regional and national water conservation standards without affecting the aesthetics of the project.

Find the perfect Monolith for your restroom

Create a sophisticated hand-washing space with our Monolith series, which is easily specified as a trough sink, or with countertops, to seamlessly fit with our deck- and wall-mounted Heritage fixtures.

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Soap that never runs out

Soap Systems facilitate maintenance and supply in high traffic restrooms by joining multiple soap dispensers to a single reservoir. The TSL Heritage multi-feed reservoir holds 7 gallons of soap and is available with five or ten leads to service busy restrooms.


TSL Heritage products are manufactured in stainless steel to be incredibly durable. For sustainability beyond resource-consciousness, TSL manufactures products that last, keeping them out of landfills for years to come.

Our Guarantee

All TSL Heritage fixtures and accessories carry a 1-year warranty on parts and labor.

Heritage Pledge

We stand behind our products, which means we are committed to offering continued support, parts, and product libraries for Lovair-brand fixtures and accessories.

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