The Aerofoil

Seeing is believing

Cut through the noise

A hand-washing concept that challenges conventional ideas of what a sink can be, the Aerofoil is a floating sink crafted from a single slab of solid surface, supported by a hidden framework.  

Clear compliance

Unique design creates a clean wall unencumbered by pipes or electronics, that still meets ADA requirements. The 30” base module conforms to ADA specifications requiring 15” from sink edge to faucet and can be multiplied up to four users for a project-specific fit.

No spills

Rigorously tested for water containment and drainage efficacy. The 10º angled washplane is calculated to intersect water flow for minimized splashing.

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Calculated support

Computationally and live tested for strength, the assembly is precision engineered for a static weight capacity of up to 330 lbs per 30” of sink surface.

A kit of parts

Understand the proprietary framing structure behind The Aerofoil’s revolutionary simplicity: 

Washplane A single plane sink in a near-infinite selection of finishes. 

Grate Prevent debris or dropped items from entering the drainage system. 
*PVD coating available to match any TSL fixtures.

Legs Adjustable for any install site.

Extrusions Hold the grate and washplane inside the wall for a perfect fit. 

Complete the look

A perfect match with our faucets (pre-packaged with a cascade aerator and .5 GPM flow rate) Utilization of a cascade style aerator, and ensuring the tap is installed at the correct height creates a luxurious hand feel and user experience during washing.

Configure The Aerofoil


The Aerofoil has been designed as a kit of parts for simple, logical installation. The proprietary framing system makes the complicated straightforward, without sacrificing structural integrity.

1. Assemble the support system level and position within wall framing

2. Adjust the feet to compensate for irregularities at the installation site

3. Install plumbing connections

4. Line and finish the wall

5. Insert washplane and grates into the frame

6. Install fixtures

7. Install an access system so that sink and fixture components are reachable for maintenance


Installation questions? 
Download the step-by-step guide or contact a member of our sales team for more information.

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Any finish, one price

Design this rigorously refined focuses all attention on the washplane. Now more than ever, the perfect color and texture are essential. Our transparent pricing for The Aerofoil extends to any available solid surface finish, regardless of manufacturer cost.


Configure The Aerofoil


Each Aerofoil basin is created using a combination of CNC machined precision-cut pieces and hand-finishing. Our skilled craftsmen trim, assemble, shape the washplane by hand and sign off each kit system before it leaves our facility.


Fit the wall below the Aerofoil with your desired access panel to ensure the under-basin compenents are easily serviced.

For optimal servicing capabilities, install the sink with the Channel Collection and access plate. Make access work for you by choosing a multi-feed soap system for longer sinks or busy restrooms.


Speak to a sales person today about recommended access panels.

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One-trade install

A painless install with no onsite coordination necessary.

No woodwork

Our proprietary bracket system is fabricated in steel to remove the risk of warping or the need for custom joinery. 

Transparent pricing

Our modular specification approach allows accurate, up-front pricing with no hidden costs down the line. 

Made in North America

Our sinks are CNC-machined and finished by hand in dedicated workshops in Los Angeles and British Columbia.


Mild steel is low carbon with a 30-year life cycle and robust recycling prospects. Aluminum is a lightweight material that is relatively low-impact to product and cuts down on shipping costs. Our solid surface components carry a ten year warranty; there is sustainability in longevity.

Materials + finishes

The Aerofoil is available in any commercially available solid surface finish to fit any aesthetic.  The extruded framework is fabricated in steel and aluminum for maximum strength, longevity, and environmental responsibility.

The Splash Lab go above and beyond to make sure the end product is exactly as designed and functioning as intended.
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