The World’s Most Refined Floating Sink

Inspired by our past, refined for the future The next generation of bathrooms is here with The Splash Lab’s inspired basin system. It combines cutting-edge engineering with a beautiful contemporary form to reimagine bathroom aesthetics in a way many thought impossible. Innovative, new and totally unique, our design is the first of its kind. Read […]

Global Design & Architecture Insights Details Make A World Of Difference

At The Splash Lab we believe in the limitless potential of inspired design both in terms of creative possibilities and its overall impact on people in our communities. That’s why we partner with architects and designers from across the globe to reimagine a space most of us take for granted. We collaborate with industry leaders […]
Design Materials process

The Practical Magic of PVD

When we speak with a new architectural practice, the difficulty of specifying high quality restroom fixtures and accessories in a coordinated finish is a consistent pain point. Finding one that also works with today’s clean aesthetic – like matte black – renders that search near impossible. But The Splash Lab product line was built with […]
Design Materials Processes

Materials Guide

Hand-washing basins in commercial washrooms have traditionally been made from vitreous china. At The Splash Lab, we craft our sinks from two materials only: solid surface and marble. Here, we compare both materials to help architects, contractors and your clients make informed decisions when specifying their washroom projects. Provenance: Marble The city of Carrara is […]

Modular Monolithic Design

Monolithic design Cast, carved, or excavated from a single piece of solid material most commonly from stone. The most unembellished form of monolithic architecture is a rock-cut structure, such as the monolithic churches of Ethiopia built by the Zagwe dynasty, or Petra in Jordan. Though non-modular design can often be difficult to customise and repair, […]

Origins of Design

At The Splash Lab we thoroughly plan and consider every detail within our design however before we start designing and our concepts become a physical project we explore, develop and curate. We see the great power and value in sketch. Sketch is about more then a render of finished product it shows a process and […]

No More Surface Phobia

 We take extra care in the detail of our designs. We consider a careful selection, by looking into all the different elements and how our products and materials can be beneficial to people; improving their everyday lives by finding solutions that combat the current challenges. With the ever-increasing necessity for hygiene and concern surrounding surface […]
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Follow the design concepts behind our brand new LA Showroom

The Splash Lab, working closely alongside McLaren Excell started out by outlining the scope of the brief; to create The Splash Lab’s US flagship showroom within a 1930’s factory unit. We wanted to create something unique that resonated with our passion for design, experience and exploration. We did, however remain open minded as to how […]


In light of recent global and national events surrounding Covid-19, the Splash Lab team is doing all we can to reduce the spread of the virus whilst ensuring we can maintain our level of customer service and project support. We are taking measures internally to reduce the impact of the virus for our staff, their […]

5 simple principles from the best in office washroom design

Good and bad design surrounds us at any given moment of our lives. Nonetheless, defining each of these can be a complex and subjective process, often with no correct answer. There are certain principles, however, which when applied, allow a space or products form and function to align and offer a frictionless experience. As Dieter […]

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