The Ribbon

Engineered for performance.
Designed to look amazing.
The original

TSL innovated the over-basin dryer as a simple solution to keep water off floors.

Sound matters

The quietest dryer on the market is kind on ears, contributing to a harmonious space.

A win-win situation

Increase user flow in the restroom while reducing water, soap, and paper waste.

Intuitive elegance

Simply put, the most beautiful system of its kind.

The fixtures

Soap dispenser

Calibrated to dispense a uniform amount of soap with each activation The Ribbon Soap dispenser promotes proactive maintenance. Foam soap feels luxurious in any environment and discourages overuse.


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Available with a 0.35 or 0.5 gpm flow rate and fitted with a cascade aerator, this faucet offers flexibility for local sustainability guidelines and a pleasing water stream.


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Hand Dryer

The original deck-mounted hand dryer keeps water inside the basin. This single product has the distinction of improving the restroom experience across three key variables: sanitation, safety, and convenience.


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Beautifully touch free

The IR sensor is placed directly in front of each fixture spout to gracefully and hygienically trigger flow.

Looking forward

The innovative research behind the Ribbon Collection demonstrates TSL’s commitment to pushing design into the future.

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There is strength in a system

Modularity is integral to The Ribbon Collection’s individualized hand washing process.

The specifier chooses how much, or how little, serves the visual and practical needs of their project. Fixtures are easily configurable to best fit the environment and user behavior.

Single-unit, multi-function products create “maintenance anxiety” for facility staff. Three discrete, complementary units that work in concert alleviate that concern.

Modular within a larger system as well, The Ribbon fixtures work seamlessly with the Monolith A or B series sinks.

For the high traffic restroom space

Stadiums, airports, and train stations: complex operations that see thousands of visitors a day. With these sites in mind, The Ribbon System boasts effortless scalability.

Smart soap

When used with one of our Soap Systems, as many as six user stations are filled uniformly from a single 1.6-gallon reservoir. Available with SMART technology, the soap system senses low soap levels and alerts maintenance staff to keep soap running without interruption – relieving pressure on facility maintenance workers and promoting greater accuracy in supply procurement.

Enduring strength

Each fixture is housed in a single unit of cast stainless steel for optimized tensile strength, as well as leak and corrosion resistance.

Anti-rotation fitting

Anti-rotation fittings prevent tampering, ensuring every fixture works, every time.

See how The Ribbon Collection supports busy restrooms

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Optional etched icons on each fixture allow further clarification of the user journey, without detracting from the purity of the design.

Creating a new classic

Inspired by the rich heritage of British design, The Splash Lab collaborated with Sebastian Conran Associates to produce a series of products that would disrupt the old restroom norms, and establish a new standard in their place. The result was The Ribbon Collection, a slender deck-mounted set of touch-free restroom products that allows users to wash and dry their hands without leaving the sink.

Good Design award winner

For its vision The Ribbon Collection was the beneficiary of a 2015 Chicago Athenaeum Museum / Good Design Award for Bath + Accessories.

Good design now is a given. What we are looking for with The Ribbon Collection is to create outstanding design.
Sebastian Conran TSL Collaborator and Ribbon designer


The Ribbon Collection is manufactured in cast AISI304 stainless steel to be incredibly durable and counts towards LEED water conservation guidelines. For sustainability beyond resource-consciousness, TSL manufactures products that last, keeping them out of landfills for years to come.

1-Year warranty

Cast in high-quality solid stainless steel, the Ribbon is durable and reliable, tested up to 3,000 hours. All fixtures from The Splash Lab carry a 1-year warranty for parts and labor.

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