The Channel

Strength & beauty
Design for designers

The Channel fulfills a need for space-saving design that reduces errant water in the restroom space.

Trusted technology, redefined

The same technology inside the award-winning Ribbon Collection is reimagined for wall-mounted fixtures.

Beautifully touch free

Reliable IR sensors placed in front of the dispensing point trigger in a single, intuitive gesture.

Simply versatile

Elegant enough for boutique installations and small spaces; efficient enough for high-traffic restrooms.

Strong & easy
to clean

The Channel Collection’s simplicity makes it adaptable without sacrificing strength.

Wall mounted fixtures unburden facility staff by allowing countertop surfaces to be wiped down or sanitized in a single motion.

The integrated cylindrical design of the Channel fixtures are as sturdy as they are easy to clean, with no superfluous joints or parts to compromise integrity or collect contaminants.

Easy access

Optional access panel offers a simple solution benefiting installers and users alike.

Reduce errant water

A trio of wall-mounted fixtures that articulate a step for each event of the hand-washing ritual, reducing errant water.


An optional faceplate in a coordinating finish allows easy access to in-wall components and etched symbology indicating the functionality of each fixture. Available for two-fixture or three-fixture systems.

Soap Systems

Soap Systems facilitate maintenance and supply in high traffic restrooms by joining multiple soap dispensers to a single reservoir.


Supply up to six soap dispensers from a single reservoir for easy maintenance and consistent soap supply.


An IOT-enabled reservoir supplies up to six soap dispensers and alerts facility staff when soap levels are low.

LEED and water conservation

LEED v.4 compliant for Water Saving and Efficiency, the Channel Faucet has a default 0.5 GPM flow rate with the provided cascade aerator. Additional parts can be purchased to achieve 0.35 GPM to best fit local environmental regulations.


Channel products are manufactured in cast AISI316 stainless steel to be incredibly durable. For sustainability beyond resource-consciousness, TSL manufactures products that last, keeping them out of landfills for years to come.

Our Guarantee

The Channel fixtures and accessories carry a 1-year warranty on parts and labor.

Try with

For higher-traffic restrooms with a coordinated aesthetic, consider augmenting The Channel Collection with more PVD accessories from The Splash Lab.

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