The Radius

Slim, aesthetic, market-leading
& technologically advanced

Beauty by the numbers

Designed around the 30º angle and the Golden Ratio, TSL’s Radius products elevate traditional utilitarian fixtures of a restroom to an experience of pure aesthetics.

A tough act to follow

Thoughtfully designed and rigorously tested, these concealed-fixing items present a cohesive face while being vandal resistant and minimalist. Hard-wearing yet sophisticated, Radius products are appropriate across many sectors, especially hospitality, museums, and retail installations.

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High tech finishes

Four elegant PVD finishes (stainless steel impregnated with colored titanium ions) effect the look of certain metals while rendering surfaces more durable.

The Golden Ratio

Using the Golden Ratio to inform these complementary designs situates the Radius products in illustrious company from the art and architecture worlds, including Le Corbusier and the Great Pyramid of Giza.

These two fixtures conform to the Golden Ratio – a design principle derived from the Fibonacci Sequence that appears throughout nature and fosters aesthetic harmony.

The focal point of the Radius Collection is the handwashing ritual, and the fixtures that define it: the wall-mounted soap dispenser and faucet.

LEED and water conservation

LEED v.4 compliant for Water Saving and Efficiency, the TSL.882 Radius Faucet has a default 0.5 GPM flow rate with the provided cascade aerator. Additional aerators can be purchased to achieve 0.35 GPM or 1.0 GPM to best fit local environmental regulations.

Make it work for you


The TSL.470 Radius soap dispenser uses liquid soap. Supply a preferred (100 – 3800 cPs) brand or utilize The Splash Lab’s Luxury Blue soap, which is compatible with all our dispensers.

Need a sensor or a lot of soap?
Substitute in the Channel Soap Dispenser to create a restroom system that is not only beautifully cohesive, but offers multi-feed and SMART options for soap.



It’s easy to specify the TSL.882 Radius Faucet with either mains or battery power, according to the needs of the installation. The Radius fixtures require less power in the sink area than other collections.

Why PVD?


Titanium ions make surface materials stronger.

Zero patination

Precise recipes produce metal finishes that won’t patinate, even in the moisture-rich restroom environment.

Better for the environment

Improved sustainability profile over powder or electro-coating with fewer harmful byproducts.

The holistic restroom

A humanistic approach, holistic design integrates each dimension of interaction to create a positive experience. A successful holistic restroom design alleviates frustration and inconvenience while fostering safety for all users. It must also be aesthetically congruent with the larger built environment. The Radius is our most comprehensive suite of products, providing visually cohesive interaction points throughout the restroom space, from stall to door and everywhere in between.

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The Splash Lab has well-crafted and beautifully designed products. I always go to them first to create a holistically designed restroom… In my opinion, TSL is one of the leading manufacturers that is changing the industry needs for sophisticated hospitality driven restroom design for public sectors.
Brent Otsuka NCIDQ, IIDA, Manager of Interior Design, Fentress Architects


Radius products are manufactured in cast AISI304 stainless steel to be incredibly durable. For sustainability beyond resource-consciousness, TSL manufactures products that last, keeping them out of landfills for years to come.

Our Guarantee

The Radius Collection fixtures and accessories carry a 1-year warranty on parts and labor.

More PVD accessories

For higher traffic restrooms with a coordinated aesthetic, consider augmenting the Radius collection with more PVD accessories from The Splash Lab.

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