Specifying The Next Generation Of Restrooms With Wall-Mounted Fixtures

TSL wall mounted Radius faucet display
In the ever-evolving world of restroom design, it's essential to stay ahead of the curve, embracing innovations that not only enhance aesthetics but also ensure functionality. One such innovation that's been drawing attention is the concept of wall-mounted fixtures. While this design shift might seem like a purely stylistic choice, it's rooted in a blend of practicality, modern appeal, and a quest for refined simplicity.
Dive into the world of wall-mounted fixtures with us, as we explore their rise in popularity, the benefits they offer, and the considerations to keep in mind when integrating them into a design project. Whether you're an architect, a designer, or simply someone with an interest in contemporary restroom spaces, this guide offers a comprehensive look into the transformative power of these fixtures and how they're reshaping spaces across the globe.

Why wall-mounted?

Wall-mounted fixtures are precisely that – fixtures that have been moved off the basin and installed on the wall behind it. This floating phenomenon has seen a surge in popularity across the United Kingdom and Europe. Though the majority of North American users still prefer a traditional fixture layout, the many benefits of wall-mounted fixtures make it an increasingly popular choice for architects and designers.
The Splash Lab offers two tried and tested wall-mounted fixture collections: The Channel and The Radius. Both push the boundaries of style and technological advancement, but in entirely different ways.
wall-mounted fixture collections: The Channel and The RadiusHere’s an example of wall-mounted fixtures at the prestigious Ven Hotel on Washington, D.C.’s Embassy Row. Our Radius Collection fixtures and Monolith Basin complete a seamless sense of style.

What are the benefits of wall-mounted fixtures?

Today’s architects and designers prefer the contemporary appeal of deck-mounted fixtures. Separating the fixtures from the basin creates a greater sense of space in an intuitive new way.
In addition to creating more counter space, taking the fixtures off the deck makes for cleaner user areas. TSL wall-mounted fixtures are designed to minimize splash and keep user areas dry.
Most wall-mounted fixtures are sensor operated, making them easy to recognize and familiar to use in any destination. It's one of the reasons many airport bathrooms are switching to wall-mounted fixtures – so anyone from anywhere can enjoy a refined yet familiar experience.
The Splash Lab wall-mounted fixturesOur Channel fixtures and Monolith Basin pair perfectly at Dallas Fort Worth Terminal D South.

What to know when specifying

Being a relatively new restroom layout, specifying wall-mounted fixtures correctly can be a difficult process. There's a lot to consider when installing taps, soap dispensers or hand dryers into the wall, and many of these considerations are not accounted for during the specifying process. This can no doubt lead to problems at later stages of the project. But through our many collaborations on restroom projects around the world, we’ve found the concept of access to be the most important of all.
the aerofoil specifications
When working with a full suite of wall-mounted fixtures, all plumbing and electrical components must be installed within the wall itself. This can make it challenging to conduct proper maintenance, especially when working in tight spaces with other plumbing or electrical components. Historically, maintenance staff would have to go into the wall itself for even routine maintenance checks. Today, however, access panels are the ideal solution.
This convenient access point behind the mirror or under the basin is a sleek and simple feature that makes it easy to conduct maintenance or repairs. Our Aerofoil Basin pairs perfectly with mirror-access systems like this to create a functional, stylish, easy-to-maintain and to clean user area.
Internal wall space isn't always abundant, especially in older builds or heritage buildings, however, which can make it difficult or simply impossible to specify wall-mounted fixtures with an access panel. Restrooms in venues like these require a different solution. We have had tremendous success customizing The Monolith Basin System to feature an integrated solid surface console and apron to house in-wall components, offering a simple and convenient alternative to wall chase access.
This allows the components of wall-mounted fixtures to be mounted inside the basin instead of in the wall – hiding them behind an easily-removable pipe skirt and eliminating the need for an access panel. Our Monolith Pipe Skirts give designers and architects more flexibility when specifying wall-mounted fixtures by elegantly solving the issues of space.
The Splash Lab wall-mounted fixtures is public restroom
Access might be the most important consideration when specifying wall-mounted fixtures, but it's the first of many challenges architects and designers must navigate. Luckily, they don't have to do it alone.
The Splash Lab is proud to partner with architects and designers from around the world to usher in the next generation of bathroom spaces. We support these partnerships with decades of industry expertise and award-winning products to make every restroom design project easier – from the specification process to long after our products are installed.
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