Back The World Market Centre hosts a visually discerning audience, which is why they called us.

World Market Center

Project World Market Center
Sector Events Venue
Location Nevada
Architect Fentress Architects

Project overview

According to Fentress lead interior design on the project, Brent Otsuka, “The World Market Center is home to the largest comprehensive cross-category furniture and home décor for the hospitality and residential design community.  Their signature trade show is the Las Vegas Market Days which occur every winter and summer.  The spring and fall market days occur at High Point North Carolina.  The creation of this new convention facility is to primarily host this event.”

The brief

Playing host to a visually discerning audience, the restroom facilities in the World Market Center needed to feel considered and at one with the larger environment, as well as accommodate high traffic during events. Otsuka continues,

“For the restrooms, I wanted to create a more hospitality driven design and not a typical utilitarian design….The Splash Lab has well crafted and beautifully designed products. I always go to them first to create a holistically designed restroom.”

Fentress lead interior design – Brent Otsuka

The solution

“TSL was specified to create a holistic design for soap, faucet, and hand dryers. TSL has created numerous collections for these fixtures. Wall mounted fixtures were specified for cleanability and maintenance,” says Otsuka.

A cylindrical hand dryer with a stainless steel casing complements the soap dispenser and faucet. The clustered fixtures, with dryer units mounted at the center of each basin, keep water contained and off the floor while offering an easy flow of traffic for users, who don’t have to struggle with their personal belongings while trying to locate hand dryers after washing up. Following the successes of this project and subsequent projects, The Splash Lab reimagined these Lovair fixtures as The Channel System, which keeps the same technology, but features a slimmer design and moves the sensor in front of the dispensing mechanism for the smoothest user experience.

The Splash Lab has well crafted and beautifully designed products. I always go to them first to create a holistically designed restroom.
Brent Otsuka, Manager of Interior Design Fentress Architects • Architecture practice

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