Recessed Hand Sanitizer / Soap Station

  • Sits flush in wall with subtle shadow gap
  • Frame holds an infill panel for coordination with any finish or aesthetic
  • 0.8 gallon reservoir
  • Reliable IR sensor technology
  • Configured for use with hand sanitizer or soap (consult datasheet for appropriate viscosity)
  • Easily installed and refilled
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Ahead of the cleanliness curve

Developed in conjunction with Gensler, this recessed hand sanitizer unit celebrates the vision of the designer, with a coordinating infill panel and shadow gap frame conveying the subtle elegance of custom design in a ready-to-install product. Its unobtrusive interface offers a now-core requirement while capturing drips and overflow – especially important in lobbies or busy corridors where brand impression and safety are paramount. Discreet, warm LED lighting illuminates the recess for intuitive use, without cluttering the visual landscape of the space with superfluous signage.

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