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Capacitive vs IR technology

Touch-free taps in the washroom are a good idea: they are hygienic, intuitive to use and achieve reliable water savings. Modern ‘smart taps’ utilise one of two technologies to produce a wave-activated water flow: capacitive sensors or infrared (IR) sensors. To discover which tap technology is suitable for your project, we break down the pros […]
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How we used the Golden Ratio in our product design

What is the Golden Ratio? The Golden Ratio is a mathematical ratio often found in nature that can be used to create aesthetically pleasing compositions. It is often symbolised as the Greek letter Phi.   How does it work? From Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man through to Le Corbusier’s Modulor project, the Golden Ratio, also known […]
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Why we use PVD for our washroom products

When our designers were creating The Splash Lab product range, they were faced with a challenge: how to produce diverse restroom products in a range of finishes while maintaining consistency and quality? The solution was Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD), a vacuum-coating technique that vaporises the source material into a plasma of atoms or molecules and […]
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Voice of an architect: RIO Architects

In the second instalment of our Voice of an Architect series, we speak to RIO Architects Interior Designer Gareth Davies. With a minimalist architectural aesthetic, use of biophilic elements and focus on green and sustainable commercial construction, we are consistently inspired by the ambitious work of this Cardiff-based architecture practice. Here, Davies reveals why Japanese brutalist architecture informs his work […]
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Biophilic Design and the Built Environment

Biophilic design connects people to where they live, work and learn using the power of natural materials, natural light, vegetation and views of nature in the built environment. More than that, bringing nature indoors has been shown to improve people’s health, happiness, creativity and productivity.   Our favourite resources: Resource 1: 14 Patterns of Biophilic […]

Our takeaways from the ‘What Workers Want’ NLA conference

On 17 July, 2018, I attended the ‘What Workers Want’ conference, presented by New London Architecture (NLA). Below are the key learnings and takeaways from the sessions.   SESSION 1: Where does business want to work? After an introduction from Peter Murray, the chairman of New London Architecture, the first session began with ‘New Work Districts: […]
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Voice of an Architect: McLaren.Excell

As product designers and producers, The Splash Lab works closely with inspiring architects every day to create washrooms that are not only beautiful but also intuitively functional. Collaboration is the key to success, which is why we are introducing our Voice of an Architect series – a space where we can amplify the work of […]
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What does The London Plan mean for those designing washrooms?

I was one of 1,000 people that attended The Big Debate on 5 February 2018, chaired by New London Architecture (NLA) chairman Peter Murray, to discuss Mayor Sadiq Khan’s new London Plan. Jules Pipe, Deputy Mayor for Planning Regeneration and Skills, spoke about the challenges London faces and said the new plan was “intended to be […]

Why BREEAM matters

Every year, Earth Overshoot Day calculates the day humanity officially uses more natural resources in one year than it can regenerate. Last year, by August 2, the world had reached its limit, and by the end of the year, we had consumed 1.7 times more natural resources than the planet can sustain. Put simply, humanity […]
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Can the sink be the new architect’s chair?

What the chair has done for living spaces, the sink can certainly do for washspaces™. The chair has historically been seen by architects as a statement; a chance to distil their wider design philosophy into a single object. The Peacock Chair, pictured, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1921, paved the way for other iconic […]

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