Is craftsmanship important in modern manufacturing?

With automation technology like artificial intelligence, autonomous cars and 3D printing increasingly dominating our cultural landscape, it may feel as if the need for craftsmanship in commercial production is reducing. One may even question the relevance and need for craftsmen in a modern manufacturing organisation like The Splash Lab. However, over the past decade, there has been a profound global shift away from mass-produced throwaway goods and a rise in valuing the art of process coupled with a desire to mentally and emotionally invest in the finished product. In times of social, environmental and economic uncertainty, it seems people are not only seeking products that are built to last but which also allow an element of customisation. With this in mind, we feel that craftsmanship is more relevant in commercial manufacturing than ever.   Defining craftsmanship  For The Splash Lab, craftsmanship isn’t so much a nostalgic world view of ancient hand tools and wood shavings. Instead, it is balancing traditional techniques with modern advancements paired with a passion for history, a fierce drive to innovate and the hard-earned skills to execute a creative vision. It is the ability to create something of long-lasting value through the pursuit of mastery of the craft itself, rather than status.  Individual skill matters  In a culture where technology often gives us instant gratification, the idea of immersing yourself in the hours of painstaking learning and work required to truly understand a material, its properties and the processes that allow the material to be seen in its best light may seem unappealing. At The Splash Lab, this dedication to craft is something we prize and cherish. Our production team has a diverse blend of ages, from master joiners through to those up-and-coming through our apprentice scheme and beyond, yet all are united by a commitment to creating the best washroom products on the market. Why we hand finish our modular basins The Monolith is a configurable basin system for washrooms that uses a blend of CNC machinery, CAD/CAM software, traditional hand tools and time-tested joinery methods. This allows us to not only customise our bespoke basins to meet any project requirements, but also to leverage the strengths of each process to create the highest quality product. Easy to install and timer free, personality is woven, moulded and polished into each modular basin during the design and manufacture process to create a custom-size commercial vanity basin.  Meet some of the makers here. Craftsmanship is not something that individuals will consistently practise unless it is part of the DNA of the organization. At The Splash Lab, we believe in becoming the best at what we do is what keeps pushing us to innovate.  Is anything more revealing about the quality of a product than running an experienced hand or well-trained eye over it?

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