Radius Sensor Faucet

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Technical Drawings

Installation Requirements

Power Supply

The TSL .882 IR Sensor Tap system is provided with a mains power supply (110-240Vac transformer) compatible for European and North American markets which requires wiring into a fused connection unit (FCU) or spur. To reduce installation costs the power supply can be wired into a junction box (not supplied) and then fed directly into a FCU or distribution board.

Water Supply

Flush water supply lines thoroughly before installing the tap. Do not allow dirt, Teflon tape or metal particles to enter the tap. Shut off the water supply before installation. Gravity-fed systems may require a booster pump to achieve the optimal operating pressure.

Flow Rates

The aerator supplied as standard has a flow rate of 0.50gpm. However, different flow rates may need to be achieved and The Splash Lab offer alternatives with flow rates of 0.35gpm and 1.0gpm respectively.

Access Requirements

It is critical all components which require fixing behind the wall are easily accessible at all times during installation and routine maintenance. Wall Cavity: a minimum cavity depth of 3 15/16” is recommended to ensure enough clearance for installing and commissioning tap components, connecting to mains water supply and safe installation of power supply.

Mounting Location

+The maximum wall thickness the tap can be mounted to is 2” (incl. all finishes). The recommended distance from the center of the spout to the countertop of the washbasin is 8”. The distance between the center of the spout and sensor housing is 3 15/16” Ensure the holes and appropriate mounting points are created in accordance with the 1:1 drilling template shown on page 30. Taps should not be installed above highly polished surfaces to avoid reflection interference

Technical Data

Water Pressure (Dynamic)

7.5 - 108psi

Power Supply

110-230 Vac, 50-60Hz,1.5A

Sensor Type


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Radius Sensor Faucet


This section hosts video guides, common fixes, and spare parts for the TSL.882 Radius Sensor Faucet, as well as a number of frequently asked questions. For additional inquiries, please reach out to a member of our team.


Can I place the sensor to the side of the faucet?

Sensor placement is left up to user discretion. We recommend the pictured placment below the faucet, but some projects are better suited to a side-by-side formation. In either case, a 3″ center-to-center measurement will ensure optimal performance.

What is the water flow rate?

The TSL.882 preset flow rate is .5 GPM, however a .35 GPM flow rate is also available to satisfy certain regional environmental standards.

How can I install the faucet and sensor bezel for ADA compliance?

Please refer to the diagram below for recommended installation heights for positioning the mirror, sink, and faucet unit. All measurements on right taken from finished floor.



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