The Evolution Of The Radius Faucet

The Splash Lab 960 faucet collage

Evolution is a process

The Splash Lab prides itself on boundary-pushing innovation. We work hard to develop products that transform the bathroom experience for the better, and it's not an easy process. It takes determination, creativity and ingenuity – but most of all, it takes time. Every product iteration builds off the last to bring something new to the table, and ultimately usher in the next generation of restroom design. Our faucets in particular have come a very long way. Take a journey through time, style and function as we explore the evolution of two sensor faucets from the Radius Collection

The Splash Lab - The Radius Sensor Faucet

Our first breakthrough

It started with our Lovair L-960 sensor faucet. This may have been one of our earlier designs, but by no means was it primitive. The original L-960 was incredibly robust, constructed from brass and coated with stainless steel to finish. We originally used a cast to form the body which made it quite chunky in comparison to slim stainless steel alternatives. This slimness pushed us to adopt our signature minimalist design philosophy. We transitioned to using only stainless steel to cut back on excess material, making the production process more efficient and our designs more aesthetically pleasing.

The Splash Lab - Lovair L-960 sensor faucet

In contrast to the basic molds used in brass casting, stainless steel can be cut and bent with extreme precision – allowing for fine adjustments and detailing. Stainless steel also has a more consistent natural finish which meant we could create a collection of faucets, soap dispensers and hand dryers with a uniform look. We took this one step further by combining the natural appeal of stainless steel with the versatility and innovation of PVD finishes to offer a range of consistent design choices. This new production and finishing method was integral to the eventual development of the TSL line, as it was the first step to creating faucets featuring a completely proprietary design – with our new sensor technology being at the heart of it all. Significantly smaller, more accurate, faster and easier to use than our previous sensor taps, the all-stainless tap was a major breakthrough. The Splash Lab stainless steel faucet

In fact, these faucets were first featured in our collaboration with Apple. The sensor eyes on these faucets were designed to match the shape of the then-newly released iPhone 6 and and remains a hallmark of our sensor products even today.  This progression exemplifies how our design improvements are centered around innovations in form, function and technology. Each influences the other to create products that transform the restroom experience.


The Radius arrives

The idea behind The Radius Collection all stemmed from one design vision. Building upon the angled bend of the TSL.960 and TSL.990, The Radius wall-mounted faucet was constructed to Leonardo Da Vinci's 'Golden Ratio' to create a perfect balance between length, width and height. We use this principle in the design of every Radius fixture including faucets, soap dispensers, hand dryers and toilet roll holders. It was yet another key stylistic breakthrough, offering a consistent style that makes it easy for designers and architects to create harmony with different products in a singular space.

The Splash Lab - The Radius Faucet

Like their predecessors, these fixtures use sensor technology, are constructed from stainless steel and are available in a range of PVD finishes. The result is a comprehensive collection of products that break new ground for form and function in the commercial space. The Radius Collection even exceeds the quality of many residential faucets and fixtures, as very few of them are made from stainless steel. It is truly the next level of quality and durability, and our TSL.960 and TSL.990 faucets paved the way for it all.


The Future of TSL Faucets

As historic best-sellers and design inspirations, the TSL.960 and 990 faucets have been added to The Radius Collection. We will continue to refine their design in the future, pursuing an ever more rigorous minimalism and function. We also intend to branch into the commercial/residential sectors to bring sensor faucets and fixtures into more homes. The Splash Lab is experimenting with hybrid sensor-and-manual faucets that automatically regulate water usage while retaining the ability to fill a basin.  

Explore our TSL 960, TSL 990 and the related TSL.882 faucets in The Radius Collection now to learn more and access technical information.

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