Origins of Design

At The Splash Lab we thoroughly plan and consider every detail within our design however before we start designing and our concepts become a physical project we explore, develop and curate. We see the great power and value in sketch. Sketch is about more then a render of finished product it shows a process and development of how a concept can become a product that is functional and a piece of successful design work. Sketching is almost as old as mankind it is used in many different industries. Sketching has been used by the greatest draftsmen, painters, illustrators, sculptors, architects, and designers, so the centres and the high points of drawing have generally coincided with the leading localities and the major epochs of the other arts.     Going Digital Going Digital is the new way forwards in todays day. An estimated 4.3 billion people use the internet on a regular basis which equates to approximately 55% of the world's population is online. This statistic is growing rapidly with a user growth rate of 9% from January 2018 to January 2019. Most of the art and design people see today is digital. Art and design entering the virtual world through social media. However, it is not a physical product it is not something you can touch or admire. It is just an image of a finalised product curated to look good, but it does not tell us if the design actually is good design. It does not capture the development process it just shows us a conclusion of a process. What is Sketching? A sketch is not a perfect drawing or a finished drawing. A sketch is usually a fast-freehand drawing that can serve several purposes. It can be a recording of an idea or something you saw or found interesting. It is a way to demonstrate an idea and process. It is a design language that speaks creativity. Sketching is a fast and simple way of communicating your ideas whether you are explaining your idea to a client or just collecting information. You can sketch anywhere and everywhere using many different tools. Whereas digital design does not allow you to explore your creativity in the same kind of way. Urban sketching Urban sketching has become very popular within the wide design sector. It is a way to capture people, places and things around us on a piece of paper. It allows us to have a greater understanding of the world around us which means we can then have a greater understanding of our design. You can do it anywhere and everywhere. It is a form of exploration and is being present in the moment by capturing what you see within a sketch not just with your phone camera. Urban sketching has become a part of many groups and communities and allows creative minds to inspire each other as well as reminding people how important it is that we continue to explore our creativity. Difference Between Sketch and graphical communication It is important to not loose yourself in the digital world of design. In today’s design world we find ourselves glued to the computer screen for many hours during the day curating and designing perfect finalised products. This kind of design does not show an understanding, process or development. Through this we often loose our motivation and our creative mind. All initial ideas and concepts usually start from primary research which leads on to the next step of sketching. It is the part of the process that helps you figure out and develop how to find a solution to your design it helps solve potential issues. It helps us            understand what we are designing, for who, and why we are designing it by conceptualizing an idea. It allows us to create good design that will be functional, strong and durable.     At The Splash Lab, we believe that simplicity and optimised functionality fosters design excellence. We believe the future is personal. With a global mindset, we challenge conventional restroom norms via product innovation to create considered washroom and bathroom solutions. Details shape our experience that is why we believe in the importance working through the process and design development of each one of our products to be able to deliver the best design.        

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