WC Flush Valve

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  • No-touch hands-free sensor
  • Sanitary and simple
  • ‘Wave operated’ flushing system
  • Up to 30% water savings

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    Hands-free. Hassle free.

    Hygiene in the public or commercial washroom toilet cubicle is key and this no-touch hands-free WC sensor flush kit eliminates handle contact to make the flushing experience both sanitary and simple, particularly for the elderly, the young and the disabled.

    Featuring a vandal-resistant ‘wave operated’ flushing system that activates when a user passes their hand within 50mm of the sensor, it has a variable flush rate with a part-flush default to reduce water consumption on every flush. This helps to achieve BREEAM credits with the added environmental benefit of up to 30% water savings compared to traditional flush systems. The kit includes all related wiring and control box, has fixing centres of 70mm, a power supply that requires 220-240V AC mains into control box and a 12V DC from integral transformer.

    Machined from high grade AISI304 brushed stainless steel

    Weighing 2.16kg, the sensor case is machined from high grade AISI304 brushed stainless steel for a minimalist aesthetic. It requires a water connection of 1/2” BSP fitting at the base of the body, is suitable for new toilets or can be retro fitted to concealed-cistern WCs, and is easy to install and maintain. Ideal for high-footfall restrooms in the office, retail, museum, transport and hospitality sectors.

    WC flush valves with contemporary finishes

    The stylish TSL.721 WC no-touch flush valve can be specified in five different finishes so you can achieve a public or commercial restroom with refined aesthetics. We offer coloured flush valves in Black (BK), Copper (CP), Satin (CS). We create our finishes using Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD). This process creates rich coloured stainless steel by coating it with Titanium Ion Plating. More environmentally friendly than electro-plating or powder coating, this superior process improves the performance of stainless steel by increasing its durability and abrasion, scratch and corrosion resistance. The 0.5 micron thick coating hardens the surface, giving it good impact strength and making it so durable that protective topcoats are almost never necessary. To specify your finish, please add the finish suffix to the main product code. For example, to order the TSL.721 flush valve in Copper, the code would be TSL.721.CP

    Technical Data




    Bezel - 304AISI stainless steel Control box - ABS plastic

    Sensor activation

    IR used-activated

    Power supply

    220 – 240V AC


    12V DC (integral transformer)

    Sensor cable length


    Water connection

    1 1⁄2” BSP connection to WC flush pipe

    Flush volume

    Preset 4 litres (flow time can be adjusted on installation)

    Ingress Protection rating



    12 months from date of purchase

    Technical drawings

    The Splash Lab go above and beyond to make sure the end product is exactly as designed and functioning as intended.
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    WC Flush Valve


    Welcome to the support page for the TSL.721 WC Flush Valve. On this page you’ll find video guides to repairs, common fixes, and general repairs. Plus there is a list of FAQs you may find helpful. If none of this answers your question. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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    The Splash Lab go above and beyond to make sure the end product is exactly as designed and functioning as intended.
    PGAL International Design Firm

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