The Channel Hand Dryer

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  • IR Sensor operated
  • Wall-mounted design
  • Marine-grade stainless steel housing
  • Easy maintenance

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    Slimmer fixtures and innovative technology.

    In 2014 TSL innovated the design and configuration of sensor fixtures with the launch of The Ribbon, a set of deck-mounted pieces that articulated a step for each event of the hand-washing ritual (soap, water, and air), conveniently located over the basin to minimise errant water in the washroom environment and promote a harmonious user experience.

    With specifications rising for wall-mounted fixtures, the brand created a design for a trio of cylindrical, wall-mounted fixtures using the same principles – sanitise, rinse and dry over the basin.

    The Channel reimagines this same journey for The Splash Lab, challenging the aesthetics and fitting the slimmer fixtures with the same innovative technology as The Ribbon.

    Harmonious in form and functionality.

    Designed with the other Channel Fixtures to conform to the Golden Ratio for harmonious proportions, the dryer has a marine-grade stainless steel housing engineered to its barest and most perfect form: an uninterrupted cylinder. A small vent on the underside of the fixtures produces a gentle but powerful stream of air that directs water off the hands and into the basin in a process that is both pleasant and hygienic. The sensor is placed just in front of the vent, so triggering the airflow is a seamless and intuitive gesture for the user.

    Reasons to choose

    Design for designers

    As the specification of wall-mounted fixtures increases, The Channel fulfils a need for a space-saving design that reduces errant water in the washroom.

    Trusted technology, redefined

    The same technology inside the award-winning Ribbon System is reimagined for wall-mounted fixtures.

    Beautifully touch free

    Reliable IR sensors placed in front of the dispensing point trigger a single, intuitive gesture.

    Simply versatile

    Elegant enough for boutique installations and small spaces; efficient enough for high-traffic restrooms.

    Easy access

    The optional access panel offers a simple solution benefiting installers and users alike.

    Technical Data


    1 year warranty on parts and labour


    220-240V ac; 50/60Hz

    Current draw


    Power consumption


    Standby power


    Drying time

    <15 seconds




    AISI 316 stainless steel

    Noise levels


    Heating element


    Motor type

    Brush type; dual ball bearings

    Motor power


    Air speed

    93-110 m/s

    Air flow

    59 m³ /h

    Technical drawing

    The Splash Lab go above and beyond to make sure the end product is exactly as designed and functioning as intended.
    PGAL International Design Firm

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    The Channel Hand Dryer


    Welcome to the support page for The TSL.C.061 Channel Hand Dryer. On this page you’ll find video guides to repairs, common fixes, and general repairs. Plus there is a list of FAQs you may find helpful. If none of this answers your question. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


    What sink is best for the Channel system?

    The Monolith is designed for use with wall-mounted fixtures such as The Channel System, and this configuration has been rigorously tested for functionality and long wear. The Channel is appropriate for use with any sink with similar dimensions, providing installation guidelines are followed.

    What if I want a tap with a deck-mounted fixture?

    If your project demands a deck-mounted fixture, our award-winning Ribbon Collection offers the same flow and hygiene benefits of the Channel fixtures.

    Why is the Channel Dryer designed to sit over the sink?

    The Channel Dryer has a truly innovative design that is more hygienic than other models. First, the placement of the dryer over the basin eliminates water droplets from the restroom environment, rather than allowing them to fall on the floor, or sit in the basin of a freestanding unit with a drying chamber. Second, wall-mounted fixtures unclutter the basin and counter space, allowing surfaces to be easily wiped dry or sanitised.

    The Splash Lab go above and beyond to make sure the end product is exactly as designed and functioning as intended.
    PGAL International Design Firm

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