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What does The London Plan mean for those designing washrooms?

I was one of 1,000 people that attended The Big Debate on 5 February 2018, chaired by New London Architecture (NLA) chairman Peter Murray, to discuss Mayor Sadiq Khan’s new London Plan. Jules Pipe, Deputy Mayor for Planning Regeneration and Skills, spoke about the challenges London faces and said the new plan was “intended to be […]

Why BREEAM matters

Every year, Earth Overshoot Day calculates the day humanity officially uses more natural resources in one year than it can regenerate. Last year, by August 2, the world had reached its limit, and by the end of the year, we had consumed 1.7 times more natural resources than the planet can sustain. Put simply, humanity […]
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Can the sink be the new architect’s chair?

What the chair has done for living spaces, the sink can certainly do for washspaces™. The chair has historically been seen by architects as a statement; a chance to distil their wider design philosophy into a single object. The Peacock Chair, pictured, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1921, paved the way for other iconic […]

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