Back A modern washroom for a historic estate turned spa hotel

Pennyhill Park Hotel + Spa

Project Pennyhill Park Hotel + Spa
Client Exclusive Hotels
Sector Hospitality, Wellness
Location Surrey
Project Scope Lobby-level washrooms
Accessible toilets
Architect Monia Allegretti


Project Overview

Pennyhill Park Hotel in Surrey has been the flagship property of the Exclusive Collection of hotels since 1981. The 18th century estate has a rich and storied history and has been operating as a hotel since the seventies, where it serves as the training ground for the England men’s and women’s rugby teams, as well as a premier spa and dining destination, with state-of-the art wellness facilities and a Michelin star restaurant.

The Brief

The historic property’s washrooms had fallen out of date and were poorly serving the throughput of the lobby area. Due to heavy use and a more traditional layout, water was trailing on the floor as guests went from hand washing to hand drying. While in keeping with the historical feel of the house, the design scheme lacked both the expected modern touchpoints, like sensor technology, and the more streamlined aesthetic favored by today’s clientele. Lobby washrooms pose a unique challenge. They must not disrupt the guest’s sense of immersion, but also are required to handle high footfall from a diverse set of users. This area of the hotel is a thoroughfare for local diners, guests, spa patrons, and – in Pennyhill’s specific case – elite athletes in intense training mode.

The Solution

Designer Monia Allegretti was able to create additional space in the washroom by shifting the location of the urinals and cubicles. She then framed a central hall around the basin area by adding monumental facing mirrors with an infinity-style reflection, flanked by bold chevron wallpaper for a refined, modern touch. She also softened the look of the disabled toilets with a wallpaper in a hand-drawn style and adding warm wood accents.
To bring the hand-washing areas up to standard, Allegretti turned to The Splash Lab for the basins and fixtures. She was drawn to the Ribbon Collection for its unique and design-led approach to keeping water off the floor by placing the dryer over the basin. She worked with TSL closely to source the design files she needed to customise her Monolith trough and fixture arrangement, ultimately settling on a dryer placed between each soap/water station. This arrangement is a favourite of designers as it echoes a familiar layout, but clearly communicates the updated convenience of the over-basin dryer.

Allegretti also created an IPS (integrated plumbing system) with hinged panels beneath the basin, to conceal the soap supply, pipework, and electricals. The Splash Lab highly recommends such a system where installing these elements inside the wall chase is not an option as it provides both easy access for maintenance and the clean appearance of a finished wall.

With the collaboration of The Splash Lab, Allegretti was able to achieve a washroom design that married hand washing and hand drying in a seamless journey over the basin. With the upgrades of sensor technology and the Ribbon’s distinctive design, Pennyhill Park now boasts washrooms that add surprise and delight to a previously overlooked experience.

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