The Channel Hand Dryer


Welcome to the support page for The TSL.C.061 Channel Hand Dryer. On this page you’ll find video guides to repairs, common fixes, and general repairs. Plus there is a list of FAQs you may find helpful. If none of this answers your question. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


What sink is best for the Channel system?

The Monolith is designed for use with wall-mounted fixtures such as The Channel System, and this configuration has been rigorously tested for functionality and long wear. The Channel is appropriate for use with any sink with similar dimensions, providing installation guidelines are followed.

What if I want a tap with a deck-mounted fixture?

If your project demands a deck-mounted fixture, our award-winning Ribbon Collection offers the same flow and hygiene benefits of the Channel fixtures.

Why is the Channel Dryer designed to sit over the sink?

The Channel Dryer has a truly innovative design that is more hygienic than other models. First, the placement of the dryer over the basin eliminates water droplets from the restroom environment, rather than allowing them to fall on the floor, or sit in the basin of a freestanding unit with a drying chamber. Second, wall-mounted fixtures unclutter the basin and counter space, allowing surfaces to be easily wiped dry or sanitised.