The Monolith L+ Series – 600mm

  • Divided basin
  • 600mm depth
  • Minimalist design
  • Modular bracket system
  • 100% solid surface construction
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Flawlessly crafted, it looks like one solid piece of material.

The modular award-winning Monolith L+ Series is a solid surface sink. With a divided trough and a deeper rear deck, it’s ideal for deck-mounted wall-mounted schemes with longer taps.  The minimalist basin accommodates one to multiple user stations. The seamless angled basin leads to a discreet water channel along the rear face. Incorporating a perfectly proportioned drainage hole, while the tight radius corners complement the outer face of the sink.

Usually, a monolith is just one solid piece of stone. We’ve added a few finishing touches.

Sink composition
100% solid surface (acrylic/resin)

Bracket composition
Stainless Steel

Fabricated in-house,  Stockport UK

Key features

Fast installation

The Monolith can be fitted by one trade, namely the M & E contractor, rather than also requiring joinery. This speeds up installation and reduces installation costs.

Minimal maintenance

The solid-surface material will not break down due to moisture, humidity or temperature changes in the washroom, which reduces repairs and maintenance.

10-year warranty

The quality of our craftsmanship, the simplicity of the system and the durability of our materials give us the confidence to offer a 10-years warranty on the Monolith System.


Bronze winner in the DBA Design Effectiveness Awards in the Product category.

We don’t use materials that will warp or rot, avoiding both short and long-term issues with installations. The Monolith system is fabricated from 100% solid-surface material, supported by a proprietary modular steel bracket system. 

Large colour choice
The Monolith is crafted from solid surface material, with over 100 finishes available from multiple solid-surface brands.

Compliant drainage
The Monolith system uses a slimline removable plastic drainage funnel for ease of maintenance and routine cleaning, ensuring it is fully Part H compliant.

The original
Developed, tested, iterated and proven for nearly a decade, the Monolith System was the first visually minimal, solid-surface basin of its kind.

Complete customisation
The Monolith is able to be customised to suit any washroom by accommodating multiple users in a variety of colourways shapes and sizes.


The Monolith has been redeveloped, rebranded and refined, resulting in a hand-washing experience with nothing superfluous and nothing missing.

How it works
The modular units in the Monolith can be configured to suit the individual requirements of any project, specified in modules and built in one piece.

Meet the makers
A skilled team of production experts and master craftsmen are behind the creation of each unit in the Monolith Basin System.


The Monolith Basin System can be quickly and easily installed by one trade with no on-site joinery.

Step 1
Align and fix brackets to the wall.

Step 2
Align the Monolith and secure with bolts.

Step 3
Connect pipework to the drainage funnel.


Service and maintenance

One of the benefits of installing the Monolith Basin System is the minimal maintenance required. The homogenous nature of solid-surface material allows any scuffs or scratches to simply be sanded out and should the basin ever get damaged; it can be repaired easily and quickly, making it look as good as new. For general cleaning, a product like Bar Keepers Friend works well to keep your Monolith system in top condition. Download our solid surface maintenance guide here.

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The Splash Lab go above and beyond to make sure the end product is exactly as designed and functioning as intended.
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TSL.LX The Monolith L+ Series - 600mm

The Monolith L+ Series is a modular solid surface divided sink designed for use with deck-mounted and wall-mounted fixtures. The minimalist basin accommodates one to multiple users within the integrated enclosure.

Technical data


10 years from date of purchase (terms and conditions apply)


Solid surface

Support brackets

Powder-coated steel - Refer to Installation manual for spacing and setting out


See reference to supplier materials - Hi Macs, Corian

Installation requirements

Wall construction

Brackets included. Installer should ascertain that wall construction is sufficiently designed to support the Monolith.

Fixed height

See technical drawing.

Wall fixings

Must be fixed to a suitable wall substrate to allow for the correct use of the Monolith. The Splash Lab recommend that installers contact a fixings specialist for advice to ensure the correct fixings are used for the location. Wall fixings are not included with the Monolith.


Connection to 1 1/4” waste outlet required. (one connection per user) Installer to provide water for taps. See separate datasheet for The Splash Lab sensor taps.

Access requirements

Solenoid and isolation valves must be accessible for initial installation & commissioning and for ongoing and routine maintenance.

Technical drawings

800 x 600 x 150 (left hand) 1 User


800 x 600 x 150 (right hand) 1 User


1200 x 600 x 150 2 User


1800 x 600 x 150 3 User


2400 x 600 x 150 4 User


3000 x 600 x 150 5 User


3600 x 600 x 150 6 User


Maintenance guide


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The Splash Lab go above and beyond to make sure the end product is exactly as designed and functioning as intended.
PGAL International Design Firm

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