A modern classic relaunched

The Monolith Basin System is now available in series. A just-released animation illustrates the system’s flexibility across size, installation and colour via the 6 new options in the series. Seamless on the outside, clever on the inside, and simple to specify.   Why did we choose a series structure for the relaunch? We wanted to make the process of selecting a basin at both concept and specification stages as easy as possible. Based off detailed research and specifier feedback, we adopted a “show, don’t tell” approach to The Monolith’s capabilities. How does the new concept benefit designers? Before the series release, the only way to access technical drawings and costs for The Monolith was by going through the full quotation process. Now designers can quickly select the option they need and put this in concepts and specifications right from our website. Renders, technical drawings, and maintenance files are all readily available, and any sink becomes easy to visualize. Can I purchase a finish besides Alpine White directly online? While we can create our basins in any of the HI-MACS and Corian colours, most current specifications require a classic white. Alpine White also carries our fastest lead time for production. The website will soon include a small range of popular colours in stock. In the meantime, please reach out to our sales team to specify a sink in alternative finish. Why CGI? We wanted the video to visualize The Monolith the same way a designer might: trying out different options and fine-tuning the details to fit the needs of the project. The animation concept, developed by our brand director, demonstrates the benefits of the system (flexibility in size and colour, ease of installation and simplicity of the waste system.) while emphasizing the liquid ease with which they can be modified.   What inspired the different environments? Our global creative team set several looks reflecting the type of work we do both locally and internationally whilst creating space for more unexpected combinations. The bright yellow sink on the gradient colour wall, for example, has become a bit of a team favourite. Which look do you like best?

Monolith Basin Video

Watch this space for further inspiring rooms. We would love to work with and hear from architects and designers that would like to see a concept animated!