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19.12.2018: Washrooms and wellbeing: Can washrooms help attract & retain talent?

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Ombre-coloured infographic for The Splash Lab that states 71% of American office workers see the restroom as a reflection of management, from the Kimberly-Clark Omnibus Research Topline Report 2015


20.03.2018: How important are restrooms to workplace satisfaction?

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Image of The Splash Lab Capacitive Sensor Tap and Wall Mounted Soap Dispenser in Copper PVD with video play button - for The Splash Lab


02.03.2018: What could your washspace™ look like?

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Infographic for The Splash Lab that states What Makes A Bad Washroom Experience? 80% paper towels on the floor; 55% empty soap dispensers; 42% water around the sink; 29% outdated soap dispensers.


01.03.2018: What makes a bad washroom experience?

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