SOLO: the minimalist marble sink collection

Cut from The Splash Lab’s drive for simplicity and love of natural stone, the SOLO Collection of marble sinks brings minimalist elegance to any bathroom or commercial restroom. Designed in collaboration with British design house Paul Crofts Studio, each round or rectangular SOLO sink is carved from a single block of marble that is hand finished by skilled artisans in our UK factory. Contemporary, luxurious and built to last, our SOLO marble sinks can be wall-mounted or affixed to a countertop or vanity. With subtle tapers, tight radii, generous proportions and a honed matte finish, each one-user SOLO sink can be specified in white Carrara or Pietra Grey marble.



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Key features

Easy Installation icon | The Splash LabFast installation

The SOLO marble sink can be fitted by one trade.

10 Year Warranty icon | The Splash Lab10-year warranty

The quality of our craftsmanship and the durability of our materials gives us the confidence to offer a 10-year warranty on each SOLO sink.

Residential and Commercial use icon | The Splash LabResidential & commercial use

Our SOLO sinks are suitable for residential bathrooms, hospitality and commercial projects. Please contact us to specify.

Designer credentials icon | The Splash LabDesigner credentials

Our SOLO sinks were designed in collaboration with award-winning London-based designer Paul Crofts Studios.

Choice of Materials icon | The Splash LabChoice of materials

Each SOLO sink can be specified in either Carrara or Pietra Grey marble. Each sink is honed to achieve a matte finish.

Craftsmanship icon | The Splash LabCraftsmanship

Our skilled artisans in our UK factory hand shape, hone and finish every SOLO sink.

Crafted from a single block of marble icon | The Splash LabCarved from a single block

A single block of marble is carved and hand-shaped to produce each SOLO sink.

Complementary Hardware icon | The Splash LabComplementary hardware

The Splash Lab manufactures a range of hardware to complement each SOLO sink, including waste grates, bottle traps, faucets, soap dispensers and hand dryers.


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SOLO Circular
With its minimalist design aesthetic and elegant curves, the circular SOLO sink is a luxurious one-user basin.

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SOLO Rectangular
Designed as a statement piece for larger bathrooms, the rectangular SOLO sink is a solid object of beauty.

Our marble sinks

The SOLO collection is available in two types of marble: Carrara, the iconic bluey-white stone with smoky grey veins, and Pietra Grey; an intense gray Iranian marble, quarried close to the city of Isfahan.

Both carefully selected to complement the geometry of the sinks, they are machine cut and milled to their rough shape, and then finished and honed by skilled hands in our UK factory. The honed finish of the collection enhances the modern design language of the sinks, while retaining the benefits of a timeless material.

Giant block of Carrara marble | The Splash Lab


The SOLO Sink Collection was designed in collaboration with the award-winning multi-disciplinary Paul Crofts Design studio in London. The initial design concept aimed to create a luxury countertop or vanity basin from natural stone that combined technology and craftsmanship with elegant simplicity and clean functionality. The result was a two-sink collection available in two types of marble. With subtle tapers and tight radii, our SOLO sinks are deceptively simple with generous proportions. Its matte finish brings a solid presence and thoughtfulness to any bathroom or commercial restroom.

Rectangular white marble basin and round grey marble basin | The Splash Lab


Each SOLO sink is crafted from a single slab of marble. It is CNC machine profiled to its rough shape before being finished and honed by hand by skilled craftsmen in our UK factory. This honed, matte finish enhances the contemporary look of the sink while maintaining the classic look of this beautiful material. Due to this hand-shaping process and the veining of each piece of natural stone, every SOLO sink is a unique creation.

Pietra Grey marble | The Splash Lab


Our round and rectangular marble sinks can be quickly and easily mounted on a vanity, countertop or wall by one trade with no on-site joinery. You can customize the look of your sink by specifying complementary TSL hardware in metallic-colored PVD finishes, including our Click Clack Unslotted Waste Grate, slotted Waste Grate and Bottle Trap. Compatible with most branded waste variants.

Brass faucet and soap dispenser above marble sink | The Splash Lab
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