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Project: Bottles Wine Bar, London, UK

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Project overview

Bottles is an Italian wine bar with dining located in the Old Spitalfields Market at 67 Brushfield Street. In a joint venture between Franco Mancini and Daniele Marano, pioneering restauranteurs behind Bottles & Battles @Mercato Metropolitano and Italian eatery SOOD,  Bottles specializes in sustainable, organic and bio-dynamic wines from independent producers and small farms in Italy alongside an eclectic international wine selection. Artisanal meats, cheeses and classic Italian dishes complement the wine offerings.


The brief

When multi-disciplinary architecture practice ATELIERwest secured the Bottles wine-bar project in London’s East End, they turned to The Splash Lab to co-create the restaurant washrooms. The project required commercial fixtures that would communicate a high-end experience, all in the constraints of a small space. ATELIERwest ended up specifying six Splash Lab products in matching PVD finishes to create a washroom that was both beautiful and regulations-compliant.


The solution

“With such a small space it was very important to get the balance just right,” continues Welch. “Materiality, colour, texture and illumination needed to come together in exactly the right ratio to achieve comfort and harmony and we think we got the mix just right by adding The Splash Lab hardware to the washrooms in the basement. The introduction of The Splash Lab finishes was something that fit the bill perfectly. The market has been calling-out for products like these and The Splash Lab delivers on all counts, satisfying the taste of the client and our own design sensibilities down to the letter."