TSL.321 toilet brush holder

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  • Black
  • Brass
  • Satin

TSL.321 toilet brush holder description:

The toilet brush holder is a public restroom and commercial washroom essential and is key to toilet cleanliness and odor control. This vandal-resistant wall-mounted cylindrical toilet brush holder is machined from high grade AISI304 solid stainless steel, making it hygienic, rust resistant and long lasting.

Featuring a black plastic brush with hardwearing bristles, the space-saving TSL.321 comes with a fully removable plastic liner for premium hygiene and ease of cleaning, which also helps to prevent water build-up inside the vessel and minimize internal rusting. Crafted with a matching black plastic rim under the stainless-steel lid to ensure a noiseless, snug fit, the solid handle is easy to hold, scratch resistant and anti-corrosion. The wall-mounted design of this robust toilet brush holder allows the entire unit to be easily cleaned...

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…plus it will never mark or stain floors, is anti-theft and will remain where affixed. Weighing a sturdy 3lb, this contemporary, minimalist toilet brush holder is practical, stylish, compact and fit for purpose, designed for high footfall sectors including office, retail, museum, transport and hospitality.

Commercial toilet brush holders with contemporary finishes

The stylish TSL.321 toilet brush holder can be specified in five different PVD finishes so you can achieve a public or commercial restroom with refined aesthetics. We offer colored stainless steel toilet brush holders in Black (BK), Brass, (BR), Bronze (BZ), Copper (CP), Satin (CS). We create our finishes using Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD). This process creates rich colored stainless steel by coating it with Titanium Ion Plating. More environmentally friendly than electro-plating or powder coating, this superior process improves the performance of stainless steel by increasing its durability and abrasion, scratch and corrosion resistance. The 0.5 micron thick coating hardens the surface, giving it good impact strength and making it so durable that protective topcoats are almost never necessary. To specify your finish, please add the finish suffix to the main product code. For example, to order the TSL.321 Toilet Brush Holder in Copper, the code would be TSL.321CP.

How to create a consistent design look in your washroom

At The Splash Lab, we design and manufacture our own commercial washroom products that work together to create a consistent design language in your washspace™. We help you achieve consistency in your restroom not just through complementary product forms but also via our signature brushed stainless steel and curated palette of rich, colored PVD finishes. Our attention to detail, quality assurance and high level of craftsmanship results in simple design solutions that make public and commercial washroom environments better and more beautiful. Above are products that work together to create a visually connected restroom space.


  • Close up view of the brushed stainless steel PVD finish in Copper (CP) - The Splash Lab

    Copper (CP)

  • Close up view of the brushed stainless steel PVD finish in Bronze (BZ) - The Splash Lab

    Bronze (BZ)

  • Close up view of the brushed stainless steel PVD finish in Black (BK) - The Splash Lab

    Black (BK)

  • Close up view of the brushed stainless steel PVD finish in Brass (BR) - The Splash Lab

    Brass (BR)

  • Close up view of the brushed stainless steel PVD finish in Satin (CS) - The Splash Lab

    Satin (CS)