The TSL-100 Aerofoil sink

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The TSL-100 Aerofoil sink description:

How do you make a statement in a commercial washroom or public restroom that is design led with a premium feel but still ADA and LEED compliant? It’s a question we think our hero product, The Aerofoil sink, answers.

Innovative, sleek, supremely minimalist and beautifully crafted, The Aerofoil is a groundbreaking new commercial-washroom concept that challenges conventional ideas of what a sink can be. Exclusively manufactured by The Splash Lab from solid marble, corian or quartz, The Aerofoil makes the complex look simple: a flat, thin, single plane of solid marble affixed to a wall that creates a cutting-edge sink which appears to defy both gravity and logic. So how does it work? This unique sink uses considered design, water friction and the surface tension of the sink to create a flat surface where water does not flow over the sides. Visually arresting with unequivocal functionality, The Aerofoil is affixed to a wall plate and...

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…utilizes an in-wall extrusion to bear the load with a small waste that fits into a standard void. Robustly strength tested to ensure it does not break due to vandalism or misuse, a thin sheet of stainless steel is bonded to the underside of the marble to ensure safety. A discreet grate at the back of the basin collects unwanted debris and allows water to efficiently and neatly drain away, providing a sink with no visible water waste, leading to a safer, cleaner washroom environment. Employing a modular design for easy installation, The Aerofoil is crafted from beautiful natural stone, stunning quartz and solid surface materials and contains no timber elements, which prevents rot or damage due to high humidity or excessive water usage. There is one drainage funnel per faucet, minimizing the risk of flooding, and a 5-year warranty, which prevents owner risk.

Designed in coordination with the TSL-880 range of fauces and the matching TSL-470 soap dispenser spout, The Aerofoil works harmoniously together with these products to create a connected design language in public restrooms or commercial washrooms to elevate the space and uplift the user. Its unique concept is designed to make a visual impact on your project and become a talking point for users. Pushing boundaries, this is The Aerofoil.


  • Close up view of the Black Marble (MB) that can be specified for The Aerofoil - The Splash Lab

    Black Marble (BM)

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