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Carved from a single block of marble, the SOLO Circular Sink is an elegant one-user marble sink suitable for both residential bathrooms and commercial restrooms. Classic yet contemporary, minimal and luxurious, the SOLO round marble sink was designed in collaboration with British design house, Paul Crofts Studio, to bring a high-quality aesthetic to any bathroom or restroom. Ideal for smaller bathroom projects, the SOLO round marble sink can be wall-mounted or affixed to a countertop or vanity, creating a central focal point for your bathroom. Available in Carrara or Pietra Grey marble.

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Marble sinks for restrooms or bathrooms

The SOLO Circular Sink is the first Splash Lab product available for specification for both commercial and residential projects. With its sleek curves and graceful contours, this round marble sink brings a luxurious feel to any bathroom. Crafted from solid stone, the SOLO circular sink can be specified in two types of marble: Carrara and Pietra Grey. Quarried in Iran, Pietra Grey marble has a warm, dark charcoal hue streaked with striking white veins. The marble is then honed by hand to give each sink a matte finish with low reflectivity.

Marble bathroom decor ideas

Create a consistent design language in your bathroom by specifying the SOLO circular sink with colored hardware designed and manufactured by The Splash Lab. To achieve a complementary aesthetic in your bathroom or commercial restroom, you can choose Splash Lab hardware in five different finishes including Black (BK), Brass, (BR), Bronze (BZ), Copper (CP), Satin (CS). We create our finishes using Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD), which creates colored stainless steel by coating it with Titanium Ion Plating. Our Click Clack Unslotted Waste Grate, slotted Waste Grate, Bottle Trap and range of faucets, soap dispensers, hand dryers and accessories are designed to enhance your round marble sink.


  • Carrara ()

  • Close up view of the Black Marble (MB) that can be specified for The Aerofoil - The Splash Lab

    Black Marble (BM)