Basin: The Monolith

Our award winning, first-of-its-kind solid surface, fully customizable sink. Based around a powerfully designed single user module, the Monolith can line an 80 foot wall, wrap around corners, and includes optional features to optimize its use for healthcare facilities, offices, retail, recreational, and educational applications. Manufactured in North America using CNC machines and hand-finishing, the Monolith is a competitive, contemporary design solution that still captures the quality of old world craftsmanship.

Fixtures: The Ribbon

Our award winning trio of automated fixtures (water, soap, dryer) that offers a modern, intuitive solution to the flow of the restroom experience. Specified individually (though we think they work best as a team), the Ribbon collection can be arranged however best directs the flow of traffic, according to the needs of any space. Most importantly, the deck mounted hand dryer ensures that water stays in the basin, making it a single product that improves the washroom experience across three key variables: sanitation, safety, and convenience.

A True Power Couple

When used together, our two flagship systems, Ribbon and Monolith, can be specified to meet almost any design challenge head on while promising a consistently intuitive interface. Mix-and-match any solid surface color with our contemporary PVD finishes for unparalleled flexibility that never compromises on functionality.

The System At A Glance

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• Hygiene
• Cohesive Aesthetic
• Endless Permutations
• Customizable
• Adaptable
• Efficient Traffic Pattern

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• Healthcare
• Commercial
• Recreational
• Education
• Office
• Hospitality