The Monolith Basin System: specified in modules, made in one piece

Our award-winning Monolith Basin System is an infinitely configurable hand-washing sink solution for office, public and hospitality spaces. Whether specifying a standard size, a simple custom length or incorporating several modules, the system is built and installed as one piece. For extremely large units, onsite joining can take place to offer a completely seamless look.

Each Monolith sink is created to meet the client’s specifications. Using a combination of CNC machined precision-cut pieces and hand-finishing, our skilled craftsmen trim, assemble, shape by hand and sign off each System before it leaves our factory. Easy to install and simple to maintain, the Monolith system is made exclusively from Corian and steel – no more, no less.

We believe that customizing the Monolith to suit the needs of your project need not be expensive and as such we have designed the system to make this easy to achieve.

The Monolith Basin System is currently installed in some of the world’s leading public buildings and brand headquarters, including The Staples Center in Los Angeles, Century Park East in Los Angeles, the Design Museum in London, The Crystal London, the DIRTT Environmental Solutions showroom in Chicago, the Illum department store in Copenhagen and more.


Modular   |   Configurable   |    Customized   |   Custom built   |   Hand crafted   |   Award winning   |   Warranty
Coloured Corian   |   Solid surface   |   
Timber free   |   Easy to install   |   Low maintenance  |   Custom sized

1. Key features

It's the Monolith's considered design, quality craftsmanship and attention to detail that sets it apart from other solid-surface basins. Hover over the icons to read more about the Monolith Basin System's key features or click here to order a Corian sample.

Fast installation

As there is no timber framework required, the Monolith System can be fitted by one trade, namely the M & E contractor, rather than also requiring joinery. This speeds up installation and reduces installation costs.

Minimal maintenance

The solid-surface material will not break down due to moisture, humidity or temperature changes in the restroom, which reduces repairs and maintenance.

10-year warranty

The quality of our craftsmanship, the simplicity of the system and the durability of our materials gives us the confidence to offer a 10-year warranty on the Monolith System.


Unlike many solid-surface basins that are backed with a plywood substrate and supported with a timber framework, the Monolith system is fabricated from 100% solid-surface material, supported by a proprietary steel bracket system, making it impossible to rot or break down.

Large color choice

The Monolith System is crafted from Dupont Corian, the market leader in solid surface material. Available in more than 100 colors. Other solid-surface materials are also available. View our curated colour range here.

Award winning

Bronze winner in the 2014 DBA Design Effectiveness Awards in the Product category.

Compliant drainage

The Monolith system uses a slimline removable plastic drainage funnel for ease of maintenance and routine cleaning.

The original

Developed, tested, iterated and proven for nearly a decade, the Monolith System was the first visually minimal, solid-surface basin of its kind.

2. Design

In a collaboration with Factory Design, the Monolith Basin System has been redeveloped, rebranded and refined, resulting in a hand-washing experience with nothing superfluous and nothing missing.

How it works

The modular units in the Monolith Basin System can be configured to suit the individual requirements of any project. Specified in modules, built in one piece.

Meet the makers

A skilled team of production experts and master craftsmen are behind the creation of each unit in the Monolith Basin System. Meet some of the makers here.

Download system overview sheet

3. Specification

Our Monolith Basin System is infinitely configurable. The flexibility of our solid-surface material, its ability to be seamlessly jointed and the modularly designed units allows the specifier thousands of possibilities to meet the needs of their project. From a single-user basin through to L-shaped basins with coved corners, bin chutes and more, our versatile system can adapt to your requirements: color samples, full-basin cut-throughs and even a full mock-up service are available to help ensure your project achieves the best result.

Specify your basin system

We offer two types of Monolith modules: standard basins and customised basins.
Please specify below.

Standard basin

All standard sizes are available for immediate download. Just select the required size to download a specification pack including CAD, parametric revit models and a datasheet.

Download specification pack

Customized basin

For custom sizes and additional modules, click any options you are interested in, include desired sizes in the form and our dedicated planners will create you a project-specific model within two working days. For inspiration, view our product gallery below.

  • 1 Select modules
  • 2 Upload file
  • 3 Planner assigned
  • 4 Details confirmed and drawings sent within 2 days

Add/select features

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4. Installation

The Monolith Basin System can be quickly and easily installed by one trade with no on-site joinery. Align the steel brackets, fix to the wall, align the basin on top, bolt to the brackets and connect the plumbing. Simple.

  • Step 1 Align and fix brackets to the wall
  • Step 2 Align the Monolith and secure with bolts
  • Step 3 Connect pipework to the drainage funnel
Installation guideRequest project specific rough in drawings

5. Service and maintenance

One of the benefits of installing the Monolith Basin System is the minimal maintenance required. The homogenous nature of solid-surface material allows any scuffs or scratches to simply be sanded out and should the basin ever get damaged, it can be repaired easily and quickly, making it look as good as new. For general cleaning, a product like Bar Keepers Friend works well to keep your Monolith system in top condition.

Download Solid Surface Maintenance Guide PDF