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The Splash Lab: an international washroom-fittings company

We are proud of our global presence. Our offices in Los Angeles, London and Manchester provide a direct connection with American and European markets and through the worldwide distribution of our products, we are able to service clients in every continent.

We choose the locations of our offices carefully in order to strengthen local presence and align with the values of the city.

Our Los Angeles office is home to forward-thinking architects and clients at the forefront of design. The booming Californian design scene enables us to connect with like-minded creatives looking to push the boundaries of what a public washroom can be while maintaining regulation compliance. The Splash Lab will also be opening an LA showroom in the near future.

Located in the architectural capital of the world, our London office taps into a rich heritage of design, which is why we will soon be opening our flagship showroom in the design district of Clerkenwell. London also offers a diversity of talent, which we mine to further our aim of creating useful, beautiful washroom products that benefit the lives of people and the planet.

Our Manchester office is where the European manufacturing facility is located. Looking to the city of Manchester’s official emblem, the worker bee, for inspiration, we work as a team to achieve successful results in every area of our business, from design and manufacture to customer service and beyond. We take the words of anonymous Manchester street artist Mancsy to heart: “Creativity is forged in Manchester on the anvil of industry”. Without creativity, there is no industry, and without industry, you cannot realize creativity. In the city that kick-started the industrial revolution, we are proud to create our restroom products in Manchester. Always innovating and looking to push boundaries, we use cutting-edge technology and automation processes alongside considered design to create our range of marble, solid surface and metal products that speak to a worldwide audience.

We are more than our geographic locations – we are global thinkers able to address the idiosyncratic needs our markets. Contact us at for more information.

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“Without creativity, there is no industry, and without industry, you cannot realise creativity.”