The Aerofoil: The sink with no sides

The Aerofoil is our hand-washing concept that challenges conventional ideas of what a sink can be. Using water friction, surface tension and precise engineering, The Aerofoil is a flat, floating sink, designed to ensure water never flows over the edges. Manufactured from Carrara marble or solid surface, The Aerofoil is a visually arresting hand-washing solution for office, public and hospitality spaces or any restroom looking to make a statement.

The Aerofoil is a kit of parts: A flat, thin, single plane of hand-finished marble or solid surface is affixed to a wall using a concealed aluminum extrusion system. Hidden in-wall is the removable drainage system, including one drainage funnel per faucet to minimize the risk of flooding. A thin sheet of stainless steel is bonded to the underside of the sink for strength and safety, and a discreet honeycomb portcullis grate at the back of the sink prevents unwanted debris or dropped items from entering the drainage system. Its modular design and in-wall extrusion system allows The Aerofoil to be specified to any length.

The Aerofoil is crafted from a single slab of marble or bonded pieces of solid-surface material and machine profiled to create the correct dimensions and surface tensions. Each Aerofoil plane is then hand finished by skilled artisans in our factory to ensure consistent smoothness.

We believe that specifying the Aerofoil to suit the needs of your project need not be expensive and have designed the system to make this easy to achieve.


Colored Corian  |  Solid surface  |  Stone  |  Carrara marble  |  Concealed drainage  |  Protected design  |  Hidden support system  |  Rigorously tested  |  Simple installation  |  Low maintenance  |  Custom & standard sizes  |  Super strong  |  Kit of parts  |  Configurable  |  Aluminum extrusion system  |  Timber free  |  Hand finished  |  Removable drainage points  | 

1. Key features

The Aerofoil uses a combination of CNC machined precision-cut pieces, hand-finishing and concealed in-wall support to achieve its unique design. Hover over the icons to read more about The Aerofoil's key features.

Hidden support system

The wash-plane is cantilevered from an aluminum extrusion clamping system supported by steel legs, all hidden within a standard wall-void space. This gives the sink an appearance of floating from the wall.

Rigorously tested

Subjected to multiple structural analyses and real-world load testing to offer our specifiers and installers peace of mind, The Aerofoil wash-plane and support system are extremely strong.

Concealed drainage

Utilizing our proprietary waste funnel system in conjunction with the in-wall extrusion system, The Aerofoil has multiple removable drainage points.

Choice of Materials icon | The Splash LabChoice of materials

The in-wall extrusion support system allows for the use of any sheet material to be used to create the sink up to a maximum depth of 30mm, including solid surface and marble.

Protected design

With a patent pending, The Aerofoil sink system is completely different to any other sink on the market.

Simple installation

The Aerofoil is transported and installed as a kit of parts along with clear visual instructions, offering a logical and smooth installation experience.

2. Design

It took several iterations, numerous fixing methods and multiple prototypes for our design team to turn a complex structural challenge into a simple, visually stunning sink. In the words of Dieter Rams, the best design is no design. 

Kit of parts: The complex made simple

Learn more about our in-wall extrusion system and how The Aerofoil is constructed and installed.

A flexible aesthetic: two materials, multiple finishes

Discover how to customise the look of your Aerofoil using different Corian and marble colours.

Download system overview sheet

3. Specification

The Aerofoil is available in two materials: Carrara marble and solid surface. We offer multiple finishes, with more currently in research and development. The system offers flexibility to match the aesthetic of your project. All standard sizes are available for immediate download. Just select the required size to download a specification pack including CAD, parametric revit models and a datasheet. The datasheet details material and access options.

The Aerofoil sink in Corian by The Splash Lab

Specify your Aerofoil sink

All standard sizes are available for immediate download. Just select the required size to download a specification pack including CAD, parametric revit models and a datasheet.

Download specification packDownload material options sheet

4. Installation

The Aerofoil has been designed as a kit of parts for simple, logical installation. The process begins with the assembly and fitting of the support system, followed by selected wall finishes and access doors. The insertion and securing of the wash-plane completes the installation. The system is extremely robust and well considered and comes with a clear graphical installation guide in addition to the support of our technical team.

1. Assemble the support system, level and position within your wall framing. Adjustable feet are provided for varying height requirements.

2. Provide first fix plumbing to location. This may include TMV’s, isolation valves and waste points.

3. Install walling linings and finishes to your requirements. We offer a wide variety of trims and beads depending on your requirements.

4. Install your washplane and lower grates into downright position. All our washplanes have been vigorously strength and performance tested and are available in a variety of materials and finishes.

5. Provide second fix plumbing. Install your taps, bottle traps and soap dispensers. We offer a wide variety, taps, soap dispensers and washrooms accessories to compliment your washroom design.

6. Install your access system. Both pivot and hinge systems are available in a wide variety of finishes.
Your Aerofoil is complete!

5. Service and maintenance

The Aerofoil system offers two access options: Pivot Doors, which open horizontally, and Hinged Doors, which open vertically. These access doors can be infilled with the same finish as the rest of the wall, leaving only a discreet shadow gap visible. Working alongside Selo UK we have developed a slimline integrated access door system to provide access. The system enables full ADA compliance and access for maintenance.

Column image

Pivot doors provide a discrete, minimal access solution. Based on a pan door system, our pivot doors allow you to choose and specify the material and finish to suit your washroom design.

Column image

Hinge doors provide a bottom hung alternative to our Pivot door system. Hinge doors are fabricated from solid sheets of marble or solid surface with an integrated locking and catch system.