About Us

We believe the future is personal. With a global mindset, we challenge conventional restroom norms via product innovation to create considered washroom and bathroom solutions for corporate, commercial, public, hospitality and residential spaces. We use rich raw materials, cutting-edge automation and modular bathroom systems to powerfully and positively influence the lives of people and the planet.

We are The Splash Lab.


The Splash Lab was founded in 2017 by brothers Justin and Fraser Lovell. Having worked at Lovair, their family washroom-fittings business, for more than a decade, Justin and Fraser were inspired to create an international innovation hub to challenge and progress traditional washroom design.

The result: The Splash Lab.

The goal: To create modular bathroom systems.


Details shape our experience.
We use rich raw materials, including marble, stone and metals, to create quality commercial washroom products that harness the durability and beauty of nature. Manmade materials like Corian offer options of texture and value. Designed and developed with care, we deliver the highest standard of cutting-edge automation technology co-created with fine craftsmanship.

Designing for Diversity

We believe that washrooms are more than designated areas for elimination – they are also emotionally charged spaces where issues of privacy, safety and dignity come together. Considered design, product innovation and modular versatility can address the multi-uses of the restroom and improve the washroom experience. In collaboration with architects, we can make a positive difference. Email specify@thesplashlab.com to book your CPD.


We are an international team of designers, manufacturers, inventors and thought leaders with offices in the USA and UK working across commercial, hospitality, retail, museum and transport sectors. Our design philosophy, business communications and workplace culture empower and enable innovation and creativity by making people our priority. Through this, we build partnerships.


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We look to the future while respecting the past. Building upon the knowledge, experience and skills developed over more than 20 years in the industry via our sister company Lovair, The Splash Lab is an agile, forward-looking new international company with a rich history. Below is a selection of our clients and partnerships.


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